Top 10 Health Benefits of Organic Food

Food is life. A mere path to survival for all, but emotions for some. We are so lucky as human beings to savor all the delicacies available to us. But with good things comes negative vitality as well. With us being foodies and with the growing demand for foods and their fusion, the backroom need is an increase in production. And producing more than its natural capacity from a fixed land calls for synthetics and chemicals. And thus came into focus the terms ‘organic’ and ‘inorganic’.

Organic foods are those food products that are produced, processed, and prepared without the use of synthetics like chemicals and pesticides. The use of chemically induced preservatives also falls in the red list category along with others. In simple terms, organic foods are those foods that are produced naturally without the use of any artificial products to boost up its production. On the other hand, those food products that are produced, and processed with the help of synthetics like pesticides, fertilizers, and chemical preservatives are termed as inorganic products. Apart from the use of chemical or natural substances to produce the product, there are other differences between organic and inorganic foods as well.

Benefits of Organic Foods

The reasons to eat organic are considerable. With the growing varieties of the yummiest flavors of the world, the exotic fruits, and vegetables, the fusion- be it the food or the product produced, or the new varieties of items we come across in the internet world comes the consequences. From a global pandemic to the very normal food poisoning, all points to what we offer our body and the result is its capacity to handle it. We have so many diseases creeping up relating to food. Increase the production and to meet the demand of the food products various harmful chemicals, colors, preservatives are used.

People are gradually starting to realize what an impact consuming products with such harmful synthetic substances can have on our bodies. It has become a trend to step into the organic route. This transformation is a result of the realization that eating healthy is important to save ourselves from harmful chronic diseases. No doubt of the fact that organic food is best for the body, but no one should believe in it blindly. There are many mixed opinions regarding the usefulness of organic foods. After thorough research, we came upon a few health benefits of organic food that are the most accurate ones.

  • They are not genetically modified products

Genetically modified products have received huge recognition in the present times but their impact on health has not been properly researched. Genetically modified products use growth hormones that are synthetically produced to increase the production capacity from a particular field. Organic products do not fall under this category. Organic products are produced using the natural process and use all-natural products as its manure and medicines to kill pests. Therefore, organic products are safe for consumption.

  • Better Immunity

We are all aware of the fact that unhealthy foods have harmful impacts on our bodies. It makes our body vulnerable to various kinds of diseases, viruses, and bacterial attacks. So, those products that have synthetic elements in them fall under the unhealthy list category. Organic products are full of nutrition and no external chemicals are used. Hence, it enhances immunity due to its high mineral and vitamin content.

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  • Decreased Chances of Food-borne Diseases

There is no end to innovation. We can see different kinds of chicken meat available as per the requirement and demand of the public which is genetically produced. One such practice is Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. This practice causes drug-resistant and deadly diseases after it is being consumed. Therefore the best alternative is to always opt for organic foods.

  • Better overall health

The natural elements used to produce, process, and prepare organic food make it a good choice for the overall health of the body. It helps our body get all the important nutrients to nourish and replenish our mind and body.

  • Good for The Heart

Organic food products are not only confined within the domain of fruits and vegetables. One can also enjoy organic dairy products and meat. Herbivores produce high amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA is a fatty acid that is good for the heart that ensures cardiovascular protection. Pastured free dairy and meat contains high amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

  • No Chemical Pesticides

Organic products do not contain chemical pesticides and synthetics. To keep certain pests away, they use the natural process. The chemical pesticides contain harmful chemicals like organophosphorus, which is known to have caused many diseases and mental health disorders like premature death, weak immune system, birth defects, cancers, ADHD, and others.

  • No Harmful Contamination

Organic products do not contain harmful chemicals.
Processes like bio-magnification do not contribute a negative effect as synthetics, and artificial growth hormones are not used in an organic farm. Contamination does not occur, hence the products are the best choice for the overall health of an individual.

  • Highly Nutritious

Organic products are highly nutritious because they do not contain any synthetics. The other reason why organic products fall under the highly nutritious category is that they grow in a natural process. They take their own time and grow in natural conditions.

  • No Antibiotics

The work of antibiotics is to fight any infections in the body. Similarly in inorganic food products antibiotics are used to keep them free from any pests or insects that might damage the food. But, no such antibiotics are used in organic foods. This is why organic foods do not look as fresh and shiny as inorganic foods.

  • Safe for The Environment

While producing organic foods chemicals and synthetics like pesticides are not used. They harm the quality and pH level of the soil. Organic foods are grown naturally with minimal interference in the environmental proceedings. Thy soil retains their producing capacity for longer compared to those land where organic foods are produced.

The nutritional value of organic food is very high compared to other food products. The need to transform our choice to organic food products is necessary regarding our health. Nowadays organic food products are available online. One should always keep in mind to always buy organic certified products.

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