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Pure Organic Honey Sachet 200Gm – Organicana


  • One sachet of honey is equivalent to one table spoon
  • Can be consumed anytime anywhere for instant energy; Total Weight: 200 gm; Package Contents: 25 Sachets of honey
  • Boosts performance, endurance and reduces muscle fatigue; Dosage Instructions: Keep your honey intake around 2 table spoons or less depending on how much sugar you are consuming every day. We do not recommend more than 2 table spoon of sugar consumption
  • 100% organic, easy to store, carry and use
  • A perfect replacement for sugar in your beverages; Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature at dry place
  • Usage: 1. Honey is healthy sweetener, can be consumed with green tea, hot water or directly; 2. Honey can be used with tea, salads, yogurt, oat meal, muesli, smoothies, juices, breakfast bowls or pan cakes as natural sweetener; 3.Honey helps in curing sore throat and cough, consuming honey with hot water or tea reduces coughing; 4.Honey can be applied on burns or wounds for faster healing; 5.Applying honey on burns improve healing

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